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Why Agents Love Bungalow Realty

Broker/Owners Bungalow Realty
Photo Cred Robyn Arouty

Over 20 Years Combined Expertise

We've been in the biz a while and have seen the ups and downs, let our experience benefit you.

One on One Mentorship

As part of the Bungalow Family, we want you to succeed. We are here to offer personalized solutions to all of your questions & concerns: personal finances, work/life are not just your job and we understand that.

Personalized Marketing Plans

Consistency is key, we can help you focus on tasks that will get you the best ROI.

Local Business

Location, location, location...we know where we work, making us physically and informationally available for our clients.

We Donate to Local Charities

All that goodwill is built in when working with Bungalow! We believe in leaving communities better than we found them.

Accessible Broker

Real estate is fast-paced, nights & weekends, high stakes...we make it our mission to be available to our agents.

Collaborative Environment

Bungalow is built on a collaborative culture that offers a safe & welcoming atmosphere for ideas.

Free Coaching

Need ideas and motivation on building your business or honing an area to improve, that's part of our job and a perk of working at Bungalow!

Great Commission Split

80/20 split up to earning the firm 20k, then 90/10.

Signs, Supras, Flyers

We've got you covered for the basics so you can focus on what's important to your business.

Personalized Career Growth Consulting

We understand life is not one fits all. We can help identify and leverage your strengths to a fulfilling career.

Transaction & Record Retention Software

We take the headache out of compliance by offering transaction software to keep you organized and on track.

Dedicated Appointment Line

We want all your potential clients to go to YOU> But, if you need backup, we're answering the phones!

Bungalow Family

Real estate is a passion and a lifestyle. Full of high-lights and low-lows, we're here to keep it real and share how we've made a consistent career out of this challenging field.


We keep our agents up to date and in the know about TREC changes, form updates, market trends, historic districts, deed restrictions...and more!

Really Cool Company Dog

Duncan Terrell is our Great Dane and a bit of our mascot.

If you think you'd be a good fit at Bungalow Realty we'd love to hear from you TODAY! Set up an interview with us and lets see if we can help you achieve your success goal.

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