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What is NORHILL?

Norhill is a subdivision that is part of the Greater Heights area of Houston.

If you don't feel like reading, watch a video version here:

The neighborhood sits on what was once pastureland owned by Henry Stude. Development started in 1920 by William C. Hogg.

This neighborhood was accessible both by street car and automobile, making it incredibly attractive for for working-class citizens.

Most of the bungalows in Norhill were built from commercially available plans in magazines, such as Sears and Roebuck…you know Craftsman is a Sears brand. And, while in Heights proper you can find some Victorian styles, Norhill is almost exclusively traditional 20s style bungalows with clean lines.

A really special feature about Norhill is in how it was platted. Hogg wanted to incorporate green spaces into the neighborhood (not unlike his development of River Oaks). So you’ll notice open green spaces throughout the neighborhood called esplanades.

He even platted with an area designed to be a park, and this area was sold to the City of Houston for $1.00 and became Proctor Park.

Norhill is an area I like to call The Triangle, as the basic boundaries are main, Studewood and Pecore….Though it’s actual boarder does bump down a little further south…how can you tell? Another esplanade!

Today, Norhill is one of the most restricted sections in the Greater Heights, as most of it’s area have both deed restrictions and historic restrictions which has helped preserve what it is. For those that love community space, thoughtful living, cute houses and a community of friendly neighbors…it continues to be a sought after community in Houston.

And, where did the name come from?

The name Norhill comes from the geographical location of the neighborhood “north” and “higher in elevation” than the Houston Business District....kind of like how The Heights received it's moniker due to being a higher elevation than downtown.

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