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What a Good Realtor Should Really Do for You

Consumer surveys of buyers often ask, "Why did you use a Real Estate Agent?"

And, the answer is often something like...."To open the door."

In fact, Agents do SO much more.

SO MUCH more.

And, often it's behind the scenes. Here are a few things a really good agent should do for you...beside, yes, opening the door.

1. Handle all scheduling- Realtors are experts at details and organization. They should schedule each house showing for you, they know how to work within multiple different schedules to find a time that works for both buyer and seller.

2. Be available- No one can work 24/7 but a good Realtor is accessible within a reasonable amount of time and able to answer questions clearly.

3. Close the Deal- Many consumers confuse "strong negotiator" to mean "bend people to their will." Negotiation is defined as meeting an one can "trick" or "force" someone to accept terms. The real value of a Realtor is having one with enough experience and know-how to get the contract to closing. Someone quick thinking and creative when problems may arise during the transaction. Someone with enough knowledge to know what to do when either party wants to adjust contract terms...that's a strong negotiator.

4. Share contacts- Lenders, vendors, title companies, inspectors...a good Realtor is connected. They can't have all the answers to all your financial questions...but they can send you to a Mortage lender that will!

5. Manage expectations- Good Realtors keep it REAL. They should educate you on market trends in the areas you are interested in purchasing and let you know the likelihood and probilitities. Sometimes that means being the Debbie Downer if your dream budget and dream location don't align or if your house isn't likely to sell for your dream price.

6. Have a marketing plan- When preparing to sell your home, a really good Realtor will likely even tell you a target day of the week to list. They've studied trends and pricing and they know going in what to do down the road if your house doesn't sell immediately.

7. Be your guide- A Good Realtor shouldn't consider themselves a salesperson, they are more of a consultant. An expert in an area you are trying to navigate. They can provide you with the details and resources to get you to your personal real estate goals. They can offer solutions and's way more than just "selling."

At Bungalow Realty, we are dedicated to to providing the best customer service, highest industry standard and unparalleled commitment to our clients. If you feel you could benefit from our services, please don't hesitate to reach out. It's never too soon to start planning your goals.

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