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Top 4 Fave Lead Generators

One of the hardest parts of being a Realtor is lead generation. The National Association of Realtors estimates that for every 200 leads, an agent will only convert one or two into a client.

You can be the best, most qualified agent, but if no one uses you…your career will be short-lived. Many places will sell “qualified” leads, “make lead generation easy,” but honestly…it’s always a numbers game. Real estate isn’t a get rich quick career. It’s built on relationships and relationships take WORK.

But, there are plenty of tried and true (and pretty much FREE) ways to generate leads. Here are my top 4 favorites:

  1. Hand written note: This goes a long way. It’s a simple, and relatively cheap way to stay on top of mind with friends and family that's way more impactful than a Facebook status update. And, it can be about anything! A Thank You for going to lunch with me, a Thinking About You, a Happy Birthday, Do you have a Referral for Me…but it shows effort and a personal connection, and it’s not a bad idea to use a branded card or slip in your business card.

  2. Volunteering: We’ve always been taught to give back. So, I consider volunteering something I would be doing anyways and it’s a fabulous way to meet like-minded people that could be potential clients.

  3. Holiday Card: Christmas, New Year, Arbor Day…whatever! No one needs another email reminding them that it’s Labor Day weekend, take the time to customize a holiday card each year and send it to anyone and everyone you know! Don’t want the postage cost…walk it to all your neighbors. I like to include a short and fun family update on the back and you know I always mention real estate.

  4. Open Houses: What a great (and free!) place to meet potential buyers. People going to an open house means real estate is already on their mind. Even if they are not interested in the house you’re hosting, it’s a great space to show off your knowledge and offer help and insight to whatever their future real estate goals may be. Don’t have any listings? You can often ask an agent at another firm if you can host one of their listings open, especially one that may be sitting on the market and could use some fresh eyes.

I know, I know…I’ve left off social media, but I do have a few thoughts on it. I think we can all agree in this day and age it’s a “necessary evil” at times, but don’t put all your eggs in your social basket. Social media is a great tool to brand yourself and make yourself searchable online. It can add validity to your career...but, unless you’re an influencer (which is a full time job in itself) very rarely will strangers from the internet reach out to you as their real estate expert.

Social media is a passive task for most, something you have to have, but don’t think posting your headshot on social media with a fun real estate fact every week is going to be enough to have the clients rolling in…just keeping it real!

One of my favorite things about real estate, is it’s one of the last true relationship-based careers in our high tech-online world. True, technology and information on the internet has streamlined the home purchase process, but a computer can never fully replace the value of a skilled and caring Realtor….so get out there and meet some future clients!

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