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Things Every Homeowner with a Dog Needs

Dogs and humans have been friends for over 30,000 years

I can't imagine my life without my fur-baby. His furry, squishy, perfect face is always part of my decision making...from what type of car I buy to opting for a smaller house so we would have a bigger yard.

Here are a few things no dog owner/homeowner should be without!

Doggy "toilet"

This is an engenious invention that has really made an impact. It screws onto your sewer clean-out. You know that white cap in the ground you've probably seen in your backyard. The handle top allows you to scoop your doggy doo and drop it down the sewer to be taken away along with your potty waste. Be sure to only drop in doo as you don't want to mess up the sewer line, and you can either "flush" with a water hose, or when you flush inside the house. It's so quick and easy our backyard stays doodie-free and we aren't just filling the landfill with extra plastic bags. Buy the Doggie Doo Drain here.

Casper Dog Bed

We have a BIG boy. Having a Giant Breed has it's own set of adventures, but this is one that any sized pup will love! We were going through cheap/affordable dog beds after a few months. With our guy's weight (he's about 150 pounds right now) they would just be smushed flat after a few months. And, joint health is important! We have a Casper mattress (love it) and realized they offer a dog bed version! It's a little pricey but totally worth the investment...we've had his Casper Dog Bed for YEARS...the cover wears out sooner than the memory foam...but don't fear! Covers are removable, washable and replaceable! Also, with the subtle color pallet offered it doesn't clash with our home decor. Buy a Casper Dog Bed here.

Sweet dreams, Sweet Baby!

Hot and Cold Tap Outside

Again, Giant Breed adventures...we can't really bathe him inside the house. We have a clawfoot tub (no way he can get in and out of that tall-walled tub) and he would never get into the walk-in shower. When we had our garage apartment re-plumbed we had the plumber add a hot and cold tap inside the garage. We purchased a special faucet that attaches to a water hose. This allows us to bathe our dog outside with all the comforts of a nice, warm bath. It's also great if he gets dirty out on a walk or trip to the dog park, we can wash those paws before he comes inside. He still hates baths, but at least we don't have to wait until summer to bathe him.

The only time he will willingly get in a kiddie pool is if there is no water inside.

"Astro" Turf

This one is definitely the biggest investment but installing artificial turf has been a life-changer! Besides ancillary benefits like how well it drains so we never have standing water, our house and dog stay way mud and no wet grass in the morning. And, it's made our yard a real extension of our living space...we are outside ALL the time. We lay on the "grass" with our dog, run, play and no one gets dusty-dirty. The dog loves it and we don't have to deal with any dog-run paths ruining the aesthetic.

These suggestions have been put through the ringer by our Great Dane and I hope they work just as well for you and your pupper!

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