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The Importance of Using a LOCAL Realtor.

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

Using a LOCAL Realtor is the best help to have by your side. The right Realtor is paramount to your buying or selling experience. The right Realtor will help you save time, manage stress, and better accomplish your goals by acting as a guide through the entire process before & during the sale and throughout homeownership.

The top 4 advantages of using a LOCAL Realtor:

  1. Knowledge of the area: An experienced local agent knows your target area inside and out. They know about local amenities, neighborhood events, schools, parks, coffee shops, dog parks, and where to get the best locally baked goods. They will know the market trends, selling seasons, current design trends, and what is important to buyers in the area. They will have an in-depth knowledge of how the market area has evolved over time.

  2. Availability: Real estate can be a fast-paced world and having a Realtor that can physically show buyers a home, host open houses, help manage and meet inspectors, or even just periodically check on a vacant home is invaluable! It’s one of the last industries that really NEEDS a personal real connection.

  3. A network of local experts: Local Realtors have a network of industry experts to assist you in every aspect of your real estate journey: painters, gardens, plumbers, title companies, local Mortgage lenders…anyone and everyone to provide you with the best service possible.

  4. Passion: Because they live and work there, your Realtor is personally volunteering, supporting, and giving back to the community…everyone wins!

Bungalow Realty is a hyper-local real estate firm specializing inside the loop. We LIVE, WORK, PLAY and VOLUNTEER in the neighborhoods we work in. Whether you realize it or not, we're already working 7 days a week to make our neighborhood, and in turn, your investment better.

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