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Pantone Releases their Color of the Year 2023

So excited about this year’s color. It’s in the magenta family…the pink for the bold!

The Pantone Color Institute created the “Color of the Year” in 1999 as a way to engage design and color enthusiasts around the world. Their color is influenced by global trends and is meant to bring attention to the relationship between color and culture.

The chosen color is more than just a design trend…it’s more of a feeling. Meant to represent and encapsulate global culture at this moment in time. Meaning, this is the only time this color will mean what it means. The color selection process is fascinating as it takes the input of members from a wide variety geographically, culturally, and professionally (you can read all about it on Pantone’s website here: And, if they can’t select a color that’s truly representative of the vibe, they’ll create one!

This year’s color is Viva Magenta 18-1750.

An audacious and optimistic color, rooted in nature, representative of the red of the cochineal this color welcomes those with the verve for life and a rebellious spirit

My predictions on seeing this color used in design?

I think an immediate application will be in the beauty and fashion world. Wearing a color that will allow one to embrace and enhance their own strength and vigor for life with a bold and joyful color just seems like something we all need!

In home decor, I expect the naming of this color will empower individuals to accept this bold shade for more accent pieces. Our homes and interiors are a reflection on ourselves, and even those of us that are relatively even keeled have a spark and flash of passion. This is beautifully illustrated by this rich color. That central, focal piece that just fills you will joy. Please be gone the days of white on white on white!

I love this color for rugs, sofas, and walls.

Several months ago, I fell in love with a Royal Berry velvet sofa from Joybird. It’s in the magenta family, and I’m looking forward to crafting my office around this piece. It’s a grown up pink with sophisticated and natural vibes. A magenta sofa is so much more versatile than one may expect…both coordinating with light or dark neutral pallets. And, do you know velvet is super resilient and easy to keep clean?

Not quite ready to commit fully? A rug is a wonderful place to start. You can use it to enhance and coordinate with other accessories in the room, or as the one stand out. When used with more blues and wood tones, you’d be surprised how masculine a magenta rug can still be. A fact that I really appreciate as my own personal interior style tends to be androgynous, but I am still a sucker for pink shades.

I love that this shade can be both moody and joyful. It can allow me to channel my inner Wednesday Adams without just sticking to shades of black.

Now, for the boldest of you bold….I love the concept of an all magenta room, but even I am hesitant to pull this one off…yet. But, you’d be surprised how a deep magenta wall doesn’t take away or distract from the interior space, when used correctly and creatively, it is a perfect backdrop to both contemporary and traditional style.

I really am excited for this color to come into its own this upcoming year.

Fun color fact: the cochineal is a scale insect and one of the most powerful natural dyes. They are found in North and South America, living on cactus. These insects have been used for cloth, lipstick, drinks and ice cream. You can even purchase it on Amazon.

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