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Hey Neighbor!

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

It’s Marianne & Kenny Terrell, your local Realtors, Heights residents for over a decade, Multi-year Top-Producers, Air Force Veteran, Former Miss Texas Czech-Slovak, Great Dane parents, Volunteers, Philanthropists, Drain Cleaners…..Your Neighbors.
Photo Cred Robyn Arouty

Why should you use a neighbor for your real estate needs?

Hyper local: We volunteer (A LOT) in our neighborhood, whether you realize it or not we are already working for you 7 days a week to make our neighborhood better, and in turn, your investment better! We have a pulse on the neighborhood and our local market because we are here, participating in it everyday.

Accessibility: No showings missed, concerns are addressed immediately, a sense of security with an extra set of eyes on your home. Our proximity makes us readily available for the fast-paced and high-demand Heights market. In fact, we are probably already walking past your house on our daily walks with our Great Dane, Duncan.

Photo Cred Robyn Arouty

We truly care: We are the people you see out there in the rain (and gross water) cleaning debris out of city drains. That’s what neighbors do, they take care of their neighbors, and that’s how we do real estate too, we put your betterment in front of our own.

We are a small business: we live and play in our neighborhood, we are not part of a huge conglomerate who’s profits go to a corporate office out of state, we work to support ourselves and our money goes back to our local businesses and charities.

Experience: both broker-associates (a license that comes with the highest level of education and requirements for a Realtor) and graduates of Texas A&M, we are dedicated to continued education in all things that affect you: legal, ethics, flooding, surveys, and more. We do this full-time, and nights and weekends, it’s our passion and it’s our life!

We would love the opportunity to meet with you and learn how we can help you, answer any real estate questions....or just grab a coffee with a neighbor!

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