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Confessions of a Plant Murderer

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

As someone that grew up on a farm I should be a LOT better at keeping plants alive.

Indoor plants add so much to room: a feeling of freshness, nature, life, a pop of color, instant sophistication.

But what are the best for someone who's friends have told her not to touch their plants because just a passing glance may be enough to kill them?

Here are my success stories.

Snake Plant: this one really is easy to doesn't need too much water or light. I have one on my side table in the corner of my north facing living room windows and west facing windows (the west windows have blackout curtains).

Aloe vera: doesn't need too much water but NEEDS more sun, so I keep them in my window that doesn't have a shade. It's south-facing at the back of the house so picks up some east and west sun, light all day but not too much direct light.

ZZ plant: this was a recommendation from a worker at Buchanan's Native Plants on 11th in the Heights. It lives in my bathroom which has one heavily covered, north facing window and usually just drinks the humidity from my shower.

Succulents: these really need an asterisk because I had them in the same window of my Aloe Vera and they didn't do nearly as well (though I was able to start some tiny new ones by just putting a "leaf" in the dirt). I actually killed quite a few of this "hard to kill" plant. Once I moved them outside, they THRIVED...I literally don't do anything for them now but look at them. Houston's rain schedule seems to be enough water.

Maybe....just maybe, I'll soon graduate to actual landscaping.

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