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Bungalow Realty Just Turned 2

Happy Birthday Bungalow Realty!

Owners of Bungalow Realty
Photo Cred Robyn Arouty

As everyone is excited about the new year we'd like to take a bit and reflect on how we got here with a little bit of Bungalow Realty history. Our real estate profession isn't just a career, it's a lifestyle and a passion.

Founders and owners, Kenny and Marianne Terrell, were married in 2012 and while looking for their first home to rent together they, unfortunately, didn't have a very helpful real estate agent.

This experience was the spark for the next 10 years.

They always had a passion for real estate and just had a feeling they would have done a much better job than their agent did for them...sure it was just a measly little rental, but they just couldn't help but feel he didn't provide a strong basis of information and wasn't helpful in finding their first home together. There was a lack of guidance every step of the way.

They ultimately rented from a gentleman that was a Broker and owned several properties in the Heights. This landlord immediately took an interest in Kenny and Marianne and encouraged them to pursue a career in real estate. He saw the drive, knowledge, and the hunger to seek solutions and information when you don't know something...traits that make a successful Realtor.

In 2013 Kenny & Marianne were finally in a position to obtain their real estate license and flew through the courses, testing for their licenses in a few short months. Kenny was eager to get started, he never wanted someone to feel the way they did while searching for their first home.

The first few months as a licensed Realtor were rough. But, Kenny dove in head first, he wasn't getting paid but he worked HARD. Working 12 hours a day, even though he didn't have any clients...working so many hours he would forget to eat. He was building the foundation to make himself the best Realtor he could through practice and training...and it worked! A little bit of luck and his strong-built foundation, he got some valuable transaction experience under his belt. So much so, Marianne was able to join him in a full time real estate career...they were finally realizing what had become a shared passion.

Kenny and Marianne aligned with a local firm and worked on building their client base, always striving to go above and beyond in terms of service and knowledge. They both reached top-producer status and have dedicated theirselves to their neighborhood, bettering the communities in which they worked.

Then in 2020, everything changed. It was one of their strongest production years but they also had the opportunity to reflect and take state in what was really important to them and their clients.

The answer was strikingly clear: they needed to start their own real estate firm where they could work according to their personal mission statement and create an environment to empower other agents to do the same. A collaborative environment that focuses on being the best individual Realtor one could be, the most educated, the best trained, the most responsive...collectively improving the industry by ensuring each individual Realtor isn't focused on the most sales, or the highest dollar figure...but the BEST customer experience possible.

So, during the infamous pandemic year of 2020...Bungalow Realty became the dream and by 2021 was a REALITY.

At Bungalow Realty, we strive to provide the best customer service, highest standards, and a commitment unparalleled in the industry by following three core values the Broker learned while serving in the Air Force.

  • Integrity First: The willingness to do what is right even when no one else is looking. It is the 'moral compass,' the inner voice, the voice of self-control, the basis for the trust that is imperative in today's real estate.

  • Service Before Self: The enduring commitment and virtue of selfless dedication at all times and in all circumstances to our clients.

  • Excellence in All We Do: The continual improvement in self and service in order to achieve greater accomplishments and performance for the client and our community.

2 years into the development of Bungalow's been the right decision. Treating clients right works.

With our combined 20+ years of experience and over 50 million in sales, we have achieved a consistent full time real estate career. This career has been built on our personal values and gumption, it's been fun, exciting, and at times difficult road, but one that has been incredibly rewarding...and a road we are looking forward to guiding other Realtors along.

We look forward to working with you in 2023.

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